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  • 2017 Stake Broadcasts from Saskatoon

    • Feb 25-26 (Sat-Sun) - Stake Conference & Auxiliary Training
    • Jun 14 (Wed) - Meeting with Bishoprics
    • Jun 21 (Wed) - Stake General Priesthood Meeting
    • Sep 9-10 (Sat-Sun) - Stake Conference Leadership session
    • Oct 14 (Sat) - Stake Family Discovery Day
    • Nov 8 (Sun) - Meeting with Bishoprics

    2017 Broadcasts from Salt Lake

    • Jan 8 (Sun) - Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
    • Feb - Face to Face for Youth
    • Feb 11 (Sat) - RootsTech Family Discovery Day
    • Feb 17 (Fri) - CES Evening with a General Authority
    • Mar - Face to Face for Young Single Adults
    • Mar 25 (Sat) - General Women's Session
    • Apr 1-2 (Sat-Sun) - General Conference
    • May 7 (Sun) - Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
    • Jul 15 (Sun) - Pioneer Day Concert
    • Sep - Face to Face for Youth
    • Sep 10 (Sun) - Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
    • Sep 23 (Sat) - General Women's Session
    • Sep 30-Oct 1 (Sat-Sun) - General Conference
    • Dec 3 (Sun) - First Presidency's Christmas Devotional

    Stake Travel or Stake Expenses

    Stake Expense Paper Form (print this one) - instructions are on the back of the form

    Stake Expense Form

    The BEST way to use the electronic form is to use Option B below. All the options below begin with DOWNLOADING the Electronic Expense Form and SAVING it on your computer.

    Email it to your Stake Leader when you have everything ready.

    Leaders can email it to the Stake Financial clerk and CC the Stake clerk. Email contact info is on the CLERKS tab

    A) Fill it out with Foxit PDF Reader

    B) Use PDF Escape

    1. Download the Form
    2. Go to the website
    3. Drag and drop the file from Step 1 to the webpage or use the Open button
    4. Fill it out online and save it to your computer (use the Green icon - Save and Download)
    5. Scan in your receipts and email them along with the form above to your Stake leader
    6. You may get an email or have to re-do if the scanned receipts are not legible

    C) Fill it out with Adobe Reader DC

    Older versions of Adobe Reader will not allow you to SAVE unless you pay for the module.

    As of Nov 2015, Adobe Reader DC will now allow you to SAVE. Please upgrade to this version and you will be able to save this form and email it

    D) Use Open Office or Libre

    Open and Edit the PDF directly and save it using another filename.

    Stake Technology Resources

    Senior Stake Technology Specialists
    Nick Crosby    306-960-6727
    Jonathon Derry   306-291-2987
    Rory Hancock    306-514-0783
    Clerks Training Resources

    Stake Clerk
    Kim Carlson   306-281-0815

    Financial Clerk
    Chris Layes   306-361-4249

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