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Clerk Resources

You will likely need your LDS Account handy when using the Church Resources.

Training Ideas

Every clerk should:

Head clerk should decide on how big his team should be

  • Study your Roles
  • Use the Work Plan below in the General Training and learn each skill starting at the WEEKLY level and work your way UP the list to Monthly, Quarterly, etc
  • If you recommend an assistant, use these resources to train them
  • Plan how to train your ward/branch as needed about Record Keeping
  • Use the Yearly Routines to keep to your deadlines
Online Resources
Church Resources (Leader and Clerk Resources)
Record Keeping (Topic on
LDS Account Help
Church Directory of Leaders
LDS Tools (App for smartphones)
Stake Resources
Leadership Portal
Stake Expense Reimbursement Form (Click on Travel/Expenses)

General Training - Overview
Church Resources
Getting Started (Videos)
Leader and Clerk Resources Quickstart
Getting Started (on the LDS Forum)
Stake Resources
Roles of Ward/Branch Clerk
Work Plan
Yearly Routines and Planning
Stake Training
Membership Training
Church Resources
Topic on
Membership Audits (Step by step)
Stake Resources
Addressing Standards
Finding Lost Members - 9 Step Process
Rescue Initiative

Supporting Huddles
Financial Training
Church Resources
Financial Training Lessons (Bishoprics)

- covers the Law of Witnesses, Companionship Principle, Never leave funds unattended

Stake Resources
Filing Standard for Expenses
Sample Ward/Branch Budget Process
Printing a Budget Report
Balancing the Missionary Accounts

AUDIT Checklist
Statistical Training
Church Resources
New Quarterly Report (Feb 2014)
Quarterly Reports
Creating Custom Reports
Stake Resources
Rescue Initiative

Annual History Training
Church Resources
Principles on
Guide and E-learning
Stake Resources

This will be a lot easier if you collect items throughout the year

Minimum required history for our Stake is your Unit Conference Sustaining List and your Unit Calendar of activities