Saskatoon Stake - Rescue Initiative

Hastening the Work

Indicators that are being tracked

  • Prospective Elders
  • Part Member Families
  • Children Age 9+ Unbaptized
  • (How to find them in MLS or on LDS.ORG)
  • How to Track each Indicator

    What would it look like if you had a starting list of 15 people? The tables below show how to get the totals to report for each quarter, called a cumulative total.

    What about if someone moved away? (member9 left, he/she did get visited but didn't get to the progress or ordinance stage before leaving) What if someone moved in? (member16, member17) Just add them in and keep counting until you get to everyone in some way and see where the Lord wants to place his hand next.

    At the end of the year, if there are still blanks in the list then keep counting.
    Ask your HC what to do if you have visited everyone or everyone has received an ordinance.