Saskatoon Stake - Rescue Initiative

Hastening the Work


The Rescue Initiative began in 2014 from our Area Authority with 3 groups of people in mind. Reach out to Prospective Elders, Part-member families, and Children Age 9 and up who are un-baptized and uncover who might be ready to move to their next ordinance and progress in their gospel life.

Our Area authority asked us to adopt a tracking system showing how many of each of these groups we had visited, how many seemed to be making progress, and how many received an ordinance as a result of their progress. Each quarter, we could see that our efforts in the Rescue was showing some effect.


Go to the How-To section to see how to find the information for each list and how to get it from MLS or It also shows how one might track the progress through each quarter of a year by demonstrating the cumulative manner of reporting for each of the measures. (Number Visited, Number in Progress, Ordinance)


Use the link below to submit for the quarter, following the same time-line as the Church Quarterly Reports. Fill in the form with the numbers as they currently stand since the beginning of the Rescue Initiative. Now that we're going into a second year (2015) of the initiative, many of the larger wards still haven't reached everyone on their lists so continue tracking from the beginning. i.e. January 2015 does not start again at 0

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