Before a Stake Broadcast

Contact your Participants

Pass on this link to your participants

Troubleshooting Audio/Visual Equipment

Chapel Camera

  • when correctly operating there should be a green light beneath the lens. If it's yellow use the remote to turn it on - Camera1> button.
  • once it is on, you can use the direction buttons or home button on the remote to see if it is active

Extron Panel in Library

  • use the 4th button in the Video section - Chapel Camera

Camera Controller Joystick

  • hit the CALL button first, then use 1 or 2 digits to identify the preset and hit ENTER
    • 00 = default when turned on (should be a view of the entire podium including piano/organ)
    • 11 = view of speaker
    • 07 = view of the front - good for hymns

Troubleshooting the Broadcast Computer

  • Computer says No OS available OR can't see Hard drive (Video)
  • Chrome Homepage
    • when people log in it might take over the bookmark bar and shortcuts, etc
    • The stake page has all the links to help run a Stake Broadcast or a Zoom Meeting
    • use the Stake User profile link on the desktop
    • the intention is to have the Sacrament Meetings page come up and click the link to join the Zoom meeting
  • Zoom App
    • Some users may decide to log in to their Zoom account and start a meeting from there
    • you may need to sign out of the zoom app before starting
During a Broadcast

Assuming the following is ready:

  • Podium power is on
  • Camera video is showing on Extron monitor
  • Computer is on

Default Procedure

  • Log in - User: Stake User Pwd: ldsclerk
  • Click on the Chrome profile on the desktop called Stake
  • First page to come up should be the Stake Sacrament page
  • Find the sacrament meeting and click on the green Zoom button
  • the Zoom app should start
    • Click on Open Zoom meetings
    • join with computer audio
  • When Zoom starts:
    • maximize the zoom window
    • if audio or video inputs are disabled - enable them
    • if either don't seem to be showing correctly, verify the inputs
      • Audio - Microphone (USB audio CODEC)
      • Video - USB video
General Tips