Upcoming Broadcasts

Here's the latest upcoming Church-wide broadcast and the next broadcast for the Stake


Dec 3 - First Presidency Christmas Devotional


Feb 18, 2018 - Stake Conference

Remote Interviews/Discussions

Video Conferencing

Our stake uses the church wide access to the Vidyo clients called PVC. It is installed on all our video conferencing carts in each of our units. The typical use is to have each unit participating set up their conference cart, plug into the internet, ensure that the Vidyo client starts and then click on the ***General Purpose Meeting Room*** link below.

If the event organizer chooses to have it in a different room then that can be communicated before hand. People who want to participate from home instead of going to their units need to install the PVC Vidyo client on their computers.

Click for help
Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts

Sacrament Meetings

You will need to check with the Units to determine if they are broadcasting their Sunday broadcasts. Their numbers are below.

Click on the Link below for the unit you are interested in attending. Follow any prompts for names.

Click on a room in the list below to enter. Follow any prompts for names, etc.

Note: The Sacrament Meeting Broadcasts work on Microsoft Windows only at this time.