Stake Vision 2018

Our Stake Presidency feels these items are of importance in 2018.

Rescue Initiative

Ministering. Coaching leaders. Huddles. Councils. Coordinating with Missionaries

Self Reliance

Employment Workshops. Materials. Lessons. Role plays.

Temple Work and Family History

Orienation. Discovery Days. Scheduling. Digital Stories.

Leadership and Training

Principles and Roles

Most of these resources are already on Here's an easy way to get to them to help you orient yourself to your role. There are also resources that our stake has put together for us to achieve our vision.

High Council

Leadership Coaching. Assignments. Submit Problems.

Stake Council

Sabbath Day Observance. Travel Policy.


Orientation and Duties. Getting Started. Office setup.

Technology Clerks

Setup instructions. Getting Help. Ideas.

Youth Leaders

Registration forms. List of Leaders. Quartermaster (trailer, supplies)

Unit Leaders

Sabbath Day Observance. Huddles. Coaching