Technology in A/V Room

Step-by-Step - restore the internet for computers

  1. Go to the mothers lounge and read the sign on the door. Text Morgan for the code.
  2. Open the lock on the door to get the AUX key
  3. Go to the chapel small A/V room at the front by the piano and unlock it
  4. Find the switch and note the status light - Grey/White is good, Orange means disconnected (See picture below)
  5. Reach behind and unplug that switch, count to 30, then plug it back in
  6. Wait up to 2 minutes and see if the status light turns to white
  7. May have to repeat power-cycling a couple times
  8. Larger issue

  9. Unplug both switches
  10. Plug the top switch in first and wait until the status light turns white
  11. Plug in the bottom switch and wait until the status light turns white
  12. Escalation

  13. Contact the Stake clerk or a Stake tech to further resolve this larger issue

Pictures for the above steps