Technology Resources

Bishoprics and leaders can utilize PVC technology for their Bishopric, Branch Presidency, and Auxilary leaders meetings when you want to involve remote participants but is intended for a larger scale. (Participant size above 5 all using internet and screen sharing is desired) The Internet has given us many other ways to do this as well for smaller meetings - Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Facetime, and many others for less than 5 participants all using the internet.

The stake also has an audio conference number with Sasktel if you'd like to involve remote participants in a Church meeting or leadership meeting. This is typically better when visuals aren't required or internet bandwidth or quality in your area is limited.

Stake Resources

The Church has granted access to G-Suite accounts to Ward/Branch leadership to use Google Meet as a video conferencing solution

If you only use Chrome for this account then your setup will be easy. If you use chrome as a regular browser I will include a couple Below are a couple of resources to help you understand how to setup a Chrome Profile that you can dedicate to setting up Google Meet meetings.

First, Follow the instructions in the email the Stake Clerk sent to get your G-suite account. You will need your LDS account.

Setting up a Chrome Profile on a computer for meetings
  • With your current Chrome browser open, read this article. Remember to add the profile link to your desktop. This will make it easier later.
  • Here's a video to demonstrate how I setup my profile to help me get started. Video
  • I found it helps to join the meeting using this profile as well, because that is the chrome account that manages the Meet. If you use another one it will think you are just a participant and you might miss some of the controls or not be able to join.
  • Multiple Profiles:
    • Now that you have multiple profiles, you will notice that when you are looking at emails and clicking on links that lead to web pages it might be opening them in this new profile instead of your first default one.
    • The last profile you CLOSE will become the default profile. So, when you're done make sure you close the profile you want to be your default LAST.